If you’re staying at Wink, or thinking of staying with us, then please take a minute to read our Terms & Conditions. These exist to make Wink a safe, happy and welcoming place to stay.

Direct Booking

- This include bookings made through Wink's official website or social media pages, email, phone-in and walk-in.
- You will be charged the full payment upon booking confirmation.
- All direct bookings are entitled to the following extra benefits:
1. Full/Partial Cancellation
Cancel 14 days prior to arrival : 100% refund; Cancel 7 days prior to arrival : 90% refund.
2. Unlimited Date-Change
Unlimited date-change 7 days prior to arrival date, subject to availability and approval. Just top up the upward difference. (Note: downward difference will not be refunded.)
3. Price Guaranteed
We will price match if you can show us the link to other booking sites with the lower final price of the same comparisons (i.e. bed or room type, check-in date, breakfast included/excluded, etc).
4. Welcome Gift
You would receive a mysterious welcome gift upon check-in, while stock last!

Indirect Booking

- This include bookings made through third-party sites such as Agoda, AirBnB, Booking.com, CTrip, Expedia, Traveloka, etc.
- You will be charged as per the booking policy mentioned in the respective booking sites.
- Date change and free cancellation are generally not permitted.
- Please refer to your original booking sites for specific handling details.

Arrivals and Departures

- Check-in starts from 15:00hr; check-out ends at 11:00hr.
- Late check-out after 11:00hr and before 15:00hr would incur an additional 50% of the prevailing rate;
- Late check-out after 15:00hr would incur an additional 100% of the prevailing rate.
- Early check-in is subjected to availability.
- Early check-in before 11:00hr would incur an additional 50% of the prevailing rate.

Age Restriction

- You must be at least 18 years-old to stay in our hostel by yourself.
- Exceptions are given to family or group with young children of at least 4 years old, whom have booked an entire family or private room that do not share with other unrelated guests.
- The parents or guardians must also be able to ensure the safety and well-being of the children at all time, otherwise we may exercise our rights to eject such guests from the hostel if their behaviors are deemed inappropriate and any accommodation charges previously levied will not be refunded.


- Identification proof such as passport and identity card or permit is required upon check-in.
- We need to save the first page of the identification for record purpose.


- We regularly organize social and recreational activities for guests.
- These activities are voluntary and guests who participate in such activities cannot not seek any compensation from Wink Hostel Pte Ltd for all and any injuries, damages and liabilities.
- We do not accept liability for the death, sickness or injury of any guest, or for loss, theft or damage to any guest's property however caused.
- It is your responsibility to ensure your belongings are secure at all times.

Guest Behaviour

- It is the responsibility of a guest to ensure that his/her behavior does not detrimentally affect the comfort and safety of other guests and visitors to the hostel.
- The Management has the right to eject such guests from the hostel if their behaviors are deemed inappropriate and any accommodation charges previously levied will not be refunded.

Non-Smoking Policy

- We have a strict no-smoking policy within the hostel premise.
- If you need to smoke, you can do so at the street-level, outside the hostel.


- All monetary transaction is in Singapore Dollar denomination.
- Any outstanding charges must be paid fully upon check-in. Without that, we have the right to withheld your travel document or deny you from checking-in to our property.
- Transaction made over-the-counter via credit cards will incur an additional 3% processing fee.
- Transaction made via PayPal will incur an additional 5% processing fee.

Receipts and Invoices

- All monetary transactions are recorded in our reservation system. We can issue receipt or invoice (as PDF or printout format) upon request.

Security Deposit and Credit Card Verification

- A refundable security deposit of SG$20 per guest is required during check-in, either via cash or credit card.
- For collection via credit card,
a. Your credit card need to be verified for SG$20 per guest. This is required to verify ownership and physical presence of the credit card to protect the cardholder, and to retain a deposit to cover incidentals and/or, in the unlikely event of damages.
b. A verification of your credit card places the amount in a holding-state and temporarily reduces your credit card limit, but it is certainly NOT a charge and will NOT be reflected in your credit card statement.
c. Should there be no need to convert the verified amount to a charge (in the event of incidentals, damages etc), the amount will be dropped off, depending on your credit card bank's set up - typically after 14 days and the credit card limit will be fully restored.
- For collection via cash, the full amount would be refunded as cash upon check-out should there be no incurred incidentals, damages, etc.

Sharing of Bed

- Sharing of pod or bed is strictly not allowed.
- We may exercise our rights to eject such guests from the hostel and any accommodation charges previously levied will not be refunded.

Special Requests and Preferences

- We reserve the rights to assign the guest to a similar pod or room type if the booked pod(s)/room(s) are unavailable.
- We reserve the rights to grant any special requests (i.e. lower/upper pod, specific pod/room, early check-in/late-check-out, etc) based on current availability and feasibility.