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The Festival of Light

Diwali or better known as Deepavali locally is also known as the Festival of Light. This the most important day for the Hindu. It is like the New Year for our Hindu friends. Deepavali symbolize the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

Deepavali is commonly celebrated around the month of November (or autumn in the north hemisphere) every year. It is also declared as public holiday in Singapore.

Days before the arrival of the festival, devotees and visitors alike are already busy visiting Little India for the lively bazaars or taking photos as the stunning street light-up.

As a tourist, you are welcomed to participate in this festivals of the year. There is a Silver Chariot procession, normally held two times before the actual day of Deepavali. The Silver Chariot procession usually starts from Sri Mariamman Temple in Mosque Street Chinatown, and end in Little India, which is about 4.8km (or about 3 miles away).